A non-medication treatment for panic attacks and PTSD symptoms, Freespira is covered for eligible members of Chorus Community Health Plans.

Fast, Proven, Life-Changing Results

Stop Symptoms in 28 Days

of patients were panic
attack-free as soon as they finished treatment. (1)

of patients saw a significant reduction in PTSD symptoms two months post-treatment. (2)


of patients were still panic attack-free at 12 months post-treatment. (1)

How It Works

Retrain Your Breathing Patterns

Did you know panic attacks and PTSD symptoms are often linked to breathing dysfunction and hypersensitivity to CO2?
Freespira uses a small breath sensor and tablet to retrain your breathing patterns for rapid, lasting symptom control.

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At Home

Retrain your breathing patterns at home in just 28 days.

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Coaching Included

Get personal training and weekly virtual check-ins with a dedicated coach.

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No Medication Needed

Freespira is not a medication and has mild or no side effects.
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Patient Experiences

Life-Changing Relief in Just One Month

To me, Freespira is getting your life back, and it's empowering.
Freespira Patient
My life is proof that Freespira works and that’s why I wanted to join the team as a coach. Three years ago I couldn’t imagine a day without panic. After using Freespira I have been able to manage my stress and anxiety and panic attacks feel like a distant memory. I’m excited to help others live a panic free life as well.
Freespira Patient
My family still sees the benefits of [Freespira] too. I'm more present with them. And, I'm more present with myself.
Freespira Patient

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1. See Kaplan et al., https://doi.org/10.1007/s10484-020-09465-0
2. See Ostacher et al., https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8553693/

Coaches do not provide clinical assessments, recommendations, and/or diagnoses.

Freespira is indicated (FDA-cleared) as an adjunctive treatment of symptoms associated with panic disorder, panic attacks and/or PTSD in patients 18 and older.

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