An at-home, non-medication treatment for PTSD symptoms and panic attacks.  Freespira’s prescription-free digital therapeutic is available to eligible patients through their VA or Tricare benefits.

Clinically Shown to Help Patients(1)

Reduce PTSD Symptoms in 28 Days

of PTSD patients had clinically significant reductions in symptoms 6 months post treatment (1)

of PTSD patients were in remission 6 months later (1)

How It Works

Retrain Your Breathing Patterns

Did you know PTSD symptoms and panic attacks are often linked to breathing dysfunction and hypersensitivity to CO2?
Freespira uses a small breath sensor and tablet to retrain your breathing patterns for rapid, lasting symptom control.

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At Home

Retrain your breathing patterns at home in just 28 days.

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Personalized Support

Get personal support from a Patient Experience Specialist during weekly check-ins (Note: Patient Experience Specialists do not provide clinical care.*)

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No Medication Needed

Freespira is not a medication and has mild or no side effects.
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Patient Experiences

Life-Changing Relief in Just One Month

Since completing Freespira, I am able to control my anger, and I am not as depressed anymore. I've learned to cope better and am functioning well. I enjoy family activities again, and my family enjoys being around me, too. Freespira gave me an outlet to control my symptoms so I'm able to function in everyday life.
Sergeant First Class, United States Army, Retired
I was an aggravated mess, short tempered for no reason, and always on edge. That edge was very sharp and when people got close I would ‘cut’ them with my behavior. The breathing causes me to stop and slow down. It’s like my edge is dull now instead of sharp and people can get close to me. My children really noticed that there has been a change. I am so glad my doctor suggested I do this.
Barry C.

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1. See Ostacher et al.,

*Freespira Patient Experience Specialists are licensed or certified professionals, but they do not provide clinical diagnoses, clinical assessments, or clinical guidance to patients. They are available to answer questions and help veterans undergoing Freespira treatment use the system and promote protocol adherence.

Freespira is indicated (FDA-cleared) as an adjunctive treatment of symptoms associated with panic disorder, panic attacks and/or PTSD in patients 18 and older. 

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